Building our Duck House

Over the fall I designed and built a shelter for our ducks in the corner of our food forest.  By placing it at the highest elevation in the food forest I am able to easily drain “enriched” duck water into the downhill swales each day.

The bulk of the structure is pressure treated 4×4, likely overkill, but I had extra posts from a fencing project ready to use.

I used a technique for notching and assembling the posts which was new to me, but that I am very happy with.  The posts are notched together at all joints allowing easy fastening with 3″ lag screws.

The notches are made by simply kerfing the lumber with a circular saw set to a depth half the thickness of the post.  I cut every half inch or so, then simply knock out the notch with the claw of my hammer.  Very efficient and fast to do in the field.


Example of a kerfed and knocked out notch.


Floor framing almost complete, all interlocking beams.


2×4 roof framing and corner beams in.


Walking in the door, you first pass a ramp over 2 foot of double meshed floor which will allow drainage from water containers and keep water separate from the deep straw bedding.


A later shot with the door open, and the ducks all moved in.


New Layer Ducks Arrive


Early this morning the latest addition to the farm arrived.  Thirteen white layer ducks from Metzer farms.  These are a version of the Metzer 300 Hybrid, and are prolific egg layers.

The little girls were placed into their brooder where they’ll stay for the next couple weeks.  They are eating a wonderful corn free, GMO free, soy free, organic feed manufactured locally.

We’ll keep getting pictures and videos out as we complete construction on their home and migrate them outside.