Nanking Cherry Harvest

We seem to have an unlimited supply of Nanking Cherries this year from two older shrubs (Prunus tomentosa).  We have been harvesting as quickly as possible and many of them have been canned as juice or jam.

This extremely hardy shrub is a heavy producer and very drought tolerant – it is a great option for attracting wildlife and bees.

Spring Tree Ordering Time!

Now is the time to have your orders in to tree nurseries for bare root trees in the spring.

We will be planting a significant number of trees around the property in 2016, but here is the list of trees pre-ordered for addition to our Phase 1 Food Forest.   Hopefully these encourage you to get some trees ordered for your property this winter!

  • Red Gravenstein Apple
  • Holstein Apple
  • Antonovka Apple Rootstock
  • Tomcot Apricot
  • Bing Cherry
  • Rainier cherry
  • Mango Paw Paw
  • Pennsylvania Golden Paw Paw
  • Chinese Chesnut

We’ve got several additional apples, paw paws and stone fruits.  We are also planting Antonovka root stock for future grafting.