Duck Eggs


We produce duck eggs which are soy free and GMO free from very happy ducks.

Most of our eggs are spoken for, but we occasionally have extras we need to sell.  If you are in the Kittitas/Ellensburg area send us a note using the Contact page on the site and we’ll try to help you out.


In 2016-05-22_8-14-16addition to grasses and insects the ducks find on the property, we provide a feed which is corn free, soy free, and GMO free as well as certified organic.  It is produced here in Washington state.

Providing this quality high-end feed produces eggs packed with nutrients and less likely to cause egg allergies.



We raise White Layers sourced from Metzer Farms, a wonderful duck that lays up to 300 eggs per year, is very docile, and requires minimal containment to keep on the property.


Metzer Farms White Layer at Six Hands Farm